There is a degree in lingerie!

A month or two ago I posted a tweet stating how I was jealous that China had a lingerie course where you learn all about lingerie and how to make it. As it turns out, the UK had not failed us as we once thought and we have a University that might just be answering your lingerie prayers.

How did I find out about this course?

If you follow my Twitter you will have been bombarded with tweets from the Moda Exhibition in Birmingham. Amongst the exhibitors was the De Montfort University Countour Fashion stand. I walked past thinking it was a brand  (high end might I add) before I realised the name. The products were beautifully made and incredibly creative but also very wearable.

Is this course for you?

If the description of “Specialisms in lingerie, underwear, bodywear, swimwear, loungewear, nightwear, sportswear and corsetry ” Then yes, this course is very ideal for you. You can find out more about the entry requirements here.

Established in 1947 to support the local corset industry, Contour Fashion is the oldest and most successful degree-level course in intimate apparel and is widely regarded by industry experts as one of the best in the world.

Graduates from this course have gone on to work for well known brands such as Triumph International, Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur. It sounds like the hard work you put in really pays off and you could land yourself in the perfect lingerie retail job.


This course also allows employers to seek a designer. So if you are reading this and you are looking for fresh talent you could snap up a fantastic graduate from this course and have them working for you- but you have to be quick because they are highly sought after.

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Good luck to anyone that applies, we look forward to seeing more De Montfort University talent at future lingerie exhibitions!




Beautiful Backed Bras

After joining the world of Pinterest I have clicked across many bras with a focus on the back detailing. These sorts of bras are perfect for wearing with low backs, clearer garment backs and open backs. They add a new texture to your outfit as well as moving away from your standard band. These are items you can have a staple in your wardrobe to dress up an outfit and to make yourself feel fantastic!

So, where do you buy these bras that get to contribute to your actual fashion wardrobe?

Urban Outfitters is your go to place if you’re a C cup and below…

Unfortunately they don’t cater to larger breasts which is why I didn’t buy one from here. Even in a size large, half of my breast wouldn’t sit in them and it would be baggy around my back, defeating the point of the purchase.

If you’re smaller breasted then these bralettes and bras will make you feel delicately beautiful! The Black Butterfly Underwire Bra offers the most support as it is a bra rather than a bralet. Again this product only caters up to a size 36C. Despite the issues with sizing, the fabric feels so delicate and soft and they are all at a really good price.


American Eagle’s aeire range, offer some beautiful bras and bralettes with laced backs but they also offer more support and the bras go up to a 36D cup size. The Bralettes are labeled in your standard XS S M L XL which is perfect for larger breasts and I have confirmed this with a friend on mine who loves her American Eagle bralettes and she comes in well above a DD cup size.

I went into Boux Avenue to get my friend fit properly and of course I spot a really lovely backed bra on the mannequin and asked the sales assistant to direct me to where this racer back bra was in the shop. I didn’t need a new black bra because I own a fair few, but I did need a bra that I could wear with certain outfits so that my bra looked a bit more exciting if the back of it was on show. Anyway, I’m now the proud owner of the Nadine plunge bra (£26 online or £28 in store) which goes up to a size 38DD and is actually unbelievably comfortable and easy to do up as the racer bit is quite high up (Loosen the straps a bit more then normal before you apply the racer back)


I hope this has given you some inspiration and when I come across some bralettes or bras with beautiful backs on for DD+ sizes I will definitely let you know!

Thanks for reading,



High Street Valentine’s Day 2016

So it’s that time of the year again when commercialised love is everywhere. You can’t escape it, whether you’re going down to your local Tesco or to Pizza Express, love hearts and Valentine’s Day offers are never far away.

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day for this reason, but it’s an excuse to buy lingerie or to have lingerie brought for you. So I had a look around on the high street to see what helpful things I could find for any last minute lads and ladies who might need some pointers in the right direction.

Debenhams was my first stop with a generous 15% off on Designer Lingerie. The Reger by Janet Reger Pink studded lace set stood out to me for the girls who are very girly and love the sparkle on their lace. You can also add a suspender to complete the look. This set offers you to be cute and sexy in what you’re wearing and the fabric is soft against the skin so you will feel comfortable which is always important.

H&M have really impressed me with their range of lingerie- Especially their body suits. The body suit is great if you are at all stomach concious because in a one piece you are covered up and they tend to be flattering on a range of figures.

The Lace halterneck body is so pretty and anyone would feel gorgeous in it. However, it doesn’t offer practicality outside of the house so if you’re looking for something with some support that you can wear after Valentine’s Day, my option for you would be the String body in lace. This body suit has beautiful lines to trace your body and flatter your figure as well as being available for everyday wear.


Obviously it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without something red, so I went to Boux Avenue and I picked out their Tamsin Lace Babydoll and briefs which offers satin cups and a lace body giving you two beautiful textures. It isn’t available online in many sizes but varied sizes should be available in store (I asked their online help chat). The second option I looked at was a “Miss B Loves” which for their nightwear is the Rose Satin Chemise. This option offers something loose and comfortable with the most gorgeous back and you can sleep in it any time so you won’t just be wearing it just for February 14th!


Hopefully this has been useful to a few of you last minute shoppers, just remember to find something comfortable that you feel good in. It’s about you and how you feel. If you feel sexy your partner will definitely think so too.




Brief introduction


My name is Claudia and I’m from the South West of England. My love of lingerie started from around the age of 14/15 when I got excited about cheap underwear that looked nice in the sales.

Lot of girls have things that make them feel good, for some it’s hoarding make up, and for others it might be high heeled shoes. For me it’s lingerie because of the way it makes me feel and no one else has to know about it.

The purpose of this blog to write about the ins and outs of the lingerie world. To document purchases, reviews, events and all things lingerie!

Welcome and enjoy!