High Street Valentine’s Day 2016

So it’s that time of the year again when commercialised love is everywhere. You can’t escape it, whether you’re going down to your local Tesco or to Pizza Express, love hearts and Valentine’s Day offers are never far away.

I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day for this reason, but it’s an excuse to buy lingerie or to have lingerie brought for you. So I had a look around on the high street to see what helpful things I could find for any last minute lads and ladies who might need some pointers in the right direction.

Debenhams was my first stop with a generous 15% off on Designer Lingerie. The Reger by Janet Reger Pink studded lace set stood out to me for the girls who are very girly and love the sparkle on their lace. You can also add a suspender to complete the look. This set offers you to be cute and sexy in what you’re wearing and the fabric is soft against the skin so you will feel comfortable which is always important.

H&M have really impressed me with their range of lingerie- Especially their body suits. The body suit is great if you are at all stomach concious because in a one piece you are covered up and they tend to be flattering on a range of figures.

The Lace halterneck body is so pretty and anyone would feel gorgeous in it. However, it doesn’t offer practicality outside of the house so if you’re looking for something with some support that you can wear after Valentine’s Day, my option for you would be the String body in lace. This body suit has beautiful lines to trace your body and flatter your figure as well as being available for everyday wear.


Obviously it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without something red, so I went to Boux Avenue and I picked out their Tamsin Lace Babydoll and briefs which offers satin cups and a lace body giving you two beautiful textures. It isn’t available online in many sizes but varied sizes should be available in store (I asked their online help chat). The second option I looked at was a “Miss B Loves” which for their nightwear is the Rose Satin Chemise. This option offers something loose and comfortable with the most gorgeous back and you can sleep in it any time so you won’t just be wearing it just for February 14th!


Hopefully this has been useful to a few of you last minute shoppers, just remember to find something comfortable that you feel good in. It’s about you and how you feel. If you feel sexy your partner will definitely think so too.





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