There is a degree in lingerie!

A month or two ago I posted a tweet stating how I was jealous that China had a lingerie course where you learn all about lingerie and how to make it. As it turns out, the UK had not failed us as we once thought and we have a University that might just be answering your lingerie prayers.

How did I find out about this course?

If you follow my Twitter you will have been bombarded with tweets from the Moda Exhibition in Birmingham. Amongst the exhibitors was the De Montfort University Countour Fashion stand. I walked past thinking it was a brand  (high end might I add) before I realised the name. The products were beautifully made and incredibly creative but also very wearable.

Is this course for you?

If the description of “Specialisms in lingerie, underwear, bodywear, swimwear, loungewear, nightwear, sportswear and corsetry ” Then yes, this course is very ideal for you. You can find out more about the entry requirements here.

Established in 1947 to support the local corset industry, Contour Fashion is the oldest and most successful degree-level course in intimate apparel and is widely regarded by industry experts as one of the best in the world.

Graduates from this course have gone on to work for well known brands such as Triumph International, Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provocateur. It sounds like the hard work you put in really pays off and you could land yourself in the perfect lingerie retail job.


This course also allows employers to seek a designer. So if you are reading this and you are looking for fresh talent you could snap up a fantastic graduate from this course and have them working for you- but you have to be quick because they are highly sought after.

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Good luck to anyone that applies, we look forward to seeing more De Montfort University talent at future lingerie exhibitions!




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