Don’t be afraid, grab your boobs!

If there is anything more important than lingerie to a women, it should be the body that wears it. There is no point in giving your breasts the luxury of dressing them up in the prettiest and most comfortable bra if you aren’t going to look at how they are really feeling.

Organisations such as Coppafeel are here to raise awareness that checking your breasts should really be apart of your routine. You do not need to check every day, but you should know how you breasts feel normally. Lumpiness can come and go with your menstrual cycle so keep that in mind when you’re checking, especially on your time of the month and if you feel a lump, check back on it a few days after you come off your period, if the lump is still there then contact your doctor.

With 1 in 8 women experiencing breast cancer at some point in their lives, it’s much easier to treat and cure if it’s diagnosed at an early stage. But remember, the checking starts with you and it will only take five minutes out of your day.

So… It’s all good telling you this, but what do you really need to look for?

Image taken from the Coppafeel website

When is the best time to check your breasts? 

Most women will check in the shower which is why Coppafeel offer free shower stickers which you can stick to your bathroom wall and go through the routine and check for the correct symptoms. It can take a month to arrive but don’t let that stop you from checking in the meantime.

This is not just a female issue!

If any guys are reading this, then you should know that 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. This means that shower stickers can be mutually used and appreciated by both you and the females in the house. Ladies and gentlemen, encourage your partner to check their chest! They might be reluctant but they might thank you if one day you’ve effectively saved their life.

Festival season

The festival season is fast approaching and Coppafeel stands might be at some of them. It’s actually how I first heard about Coppafeel! You can expect to have photos with face hole celebrity bras or two giant breasts to raise awareness. I was pulled in by the Coppafeel stand at the Moda Exhibition and this was the outcome.

My shower sticker, check card, photo and shower gel sample from coppafeel.

Don’t forget to check and if anything isn’t quite right, go and see your doctor!




Source: All medical and statistical information on this post was taken from the Coppafeel and Cancer Research UK websites.



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