Ultimate Strapless from Wonderbra Review

One word to describe this bra?

“Ultimate” – It’s in the name!

Your average multiway bra that can be adjusted to strapless can easily be put to shame once you have tried on and tested this bra.

The first thing I noticed about the bra was the lace. A strapless bra needs to be able to fit under a variety of different materials without revealing the bumps and lumps of the lace pattern underneath. The Ultimate Strapless Wonderbra has tight fitted lace so you still feel beautiful as well as comfortable without affecting the smoothness of the outfit on top. There are variations of this bra which are plain if you didn’t want lace but the lace doesn’t look any different under tight fitting garments.

The bra is fit with “hands” inside. If you love the look you give yourself when you’re standing in the mirror playing boob lift, you now know there is a bra that will give you that effect. The bra is not padded, yet the hand technology brings your breasts together for the perfect cleavage.


The bra is also fitted with a silicone rim as you can see in the image above, which fulfils its purpose to support and stabilise the bra. After a long night of wearing the bra whilst dancing and moving around, I can happily say I did not have to pull up or readjust the bra once.


The only thing I would say, is that the bra is very true to size. If you are an in between size like myself, go for the larger size. I went for a 30E but I wish I had gone for a 32. The 30 fit when I made my purchase but with a little weight gain it now doesn’t. The tighter (but not uncomfortable) fit, does ensure that your bra stays in place.  I have solved my tight back issue with a three hook bra back extender and the bra is now back to being just as comfortable again.

I also purchased myself a black version and I brought it in the 32DD and it gives me the exact same result. This bra is a consistent giver from different sizes and even slightly different patterns. An absolute essential in your lingerie wardrobe.

Wonderbra obviously stock their own bras online but if you want to try one on I would recommend checking out your local Debenhams store which is where I first fell in love with this product. The lace patterns are slightly different now but just as beautiful. The new versions of the bra have silicone dots instead of strips but I have tried one on and I can assume you they are just as fabulous!

Go on, treat yourself.





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