Soak Wash: The Review


I  have been looking for a nice bra wash for a long time now and whilst I was at Moda I stumbled across a Soak stand and got incredibly excited.

Soak prides itself on the fact that they don’t use harsh chemicals in their products. The idea of the product is that if it isn’t good for your skin you should not use it to wash your hand washables. This means that it’s gentle on your skin which is important and it also means you don’t have to spent an hour trying to remove harsh soap from your bra  that could potentially irritate your skin if you don’t get it all out.

How does it work? 

Soak is a low-suds liquid, the dirt and detergent come out in the water, and whatever is left in the item evaporates. When you squeeze out the water, all that’s left behind is a hint of fragrance that fades over time.

How to use the product

Firstly I washed out my bathroom sink to make sure nothing was sitting in the basin that I wouldn’t want my bra soaking in i.e. hand soap. I then filled up my bathroom sink with cool water, popped my sachet of Soak in there and placed my bra in and made sure it was covered in water.

Bra from Boux Avenue. Soaking in the lacey scent.

You should leave to soak for at least 15 minutes, so I set a timer and went and pre occupied myself. If you leave it for longer that 15 minutes that isn’t a problem. I then drained the water and gently squeezed the water out of the cups and along the straps and back. You should never attempt to ring out a bra as this can damage the structure and/or the wires within the bra.

Always leave bras flat to dry. I normally do my bras just before the evening and leave them in my bedroom on an airer because my radiator comes on then makes my room really warm so the bras dry faster.

What was my bra like after it had dried?

My bra smelt amazing. I used the lacy sachet and I was not disappointed. When putting the bra on it felt really fresh and my bra felt new on my skin.

How often should you wash a bra?

Soak recommends every one to two wears. I think it depends on the individual because on more sweaty and hot days I would wash my bra after that use but if it’s freezing winter and not a drop of sweat has appeared on my body, I wouldn’t wash it after two washes I would probably go four or five. But I rotate my bras each day so my bra has a chance to air between wears. It also depends if you use moisturiser or oil on your breasts at the start of each day. If you do you should wash it more frequently as the oil will stay in the bra. But lets be honest, leaving your bra to soak for 15 minutes is not at all tedious compared to routines you have to use with other soaps, so it doesn’t take much effort any more!

Would I recommend this product? 

Yes! I really like soak and once I have chosen my favourite scent from the sachets I was given at Moda, I will invest in a bottle of my favourite smell. For anyone who is sensitive to fragrance products there is an option with no scent.


Where can I buy this product?

Soak is based in Toronto, Canada, meaning that if you order online directly from their site you will have to pay the shipping cost and potentially import tax. Luckily some UK suppliers have blessed us with stocking the product but my go to place would be House of Fraser. They don’t have the product in every store but with their really great (and free) click and collect service you can order it online before midnight and it will be waiting in your local store from midday the following day. Hooray! You can order the product on Amazon but it’s a bit more expensive.

Product sizing

If you are ordering from House of Fraser then the larger bottles are £15 for 375ml. With a bottle this size you should get at least 75 washes out of it, meaning it will last you a long time as well as being great value for money. The smaller bottles are £9 for 90ml and you should get at least 18 washes out of it. I would recommend buying a larger bottle for home use but if you are travelling a smaller bottle will be very useful- Trust me if you’re away from home for a long time you will want this product and it can be used for other delicates.

Happy Soaking!






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