Ultimo- The One.

I thought some people might be wondering why I’m obsessed with this bra after tweeting so much about it this week. This means this weeks blog post is dedicated to my favourite bra “The One” by Ultimo.

About a year ago when I decided that I wanted to get into the lingerie industry my Dad told me that an entrepreneur called Michelle Mone had just spoken in Bath and was releasing a book about her life which included her journey of founding Ultimo. She aspired to create bras that gave amazing cleavage as well as being really comfortable. Her husband at the time mocked her saying “What do you know about bras?” to which she responded “I’ve got a pair of tits- I’ll figure it out”. And so she did.  After reading her book “My fight to the top” I took it upon myself to order a bra from Ultimo to see what I thought of the bras.

So I ordered “The One, Jessie” in black and a champagne colour. The base of the bra is a beautiful neutral shade covered in symmetrical black lace. How gorgeous is it?! I ordered this bra in a 32E as I was in between cup sizes and band sizes so I went for the larger. It was a bit big but the racer back converter which is apart of the bra allowed the bra to sit better. I would have exchanged it for a smaller size but they didn’t have any left in a 32DD. db767b72-49ec-4fff-8a0e-d80208cd8dda

The second “One” I ordered was “The One, Janey”. I fell in love with the simplicity of the bra and when I first saw it released I knew I had to own it. It’s an every day bra which you feel incredibly sexy in. I wasn’t sure if I would find the added straps irritating or inconvenient but they aren’t tight so you don’t notice they are there unless you’re checking yourself out in the mirror… The straps are worn and secured by another clasp at the back, just like the one you would use to fasten the back of your bra normally.

The next two I ordered were just simple “The One”. I wanted some brighter colours for the summer and they were in the sale and I just couldn’t resist. They are in the colours Aqua and Cherry. This photo makes me so ready for some sun.


So what makes “The One” bra my favourite? 

Each bra contains a modest amount of padding to enhance your cleavage. Unlike a lot of padded bras, they don’t push your breasts in directions they don’t want to be pushed in. The inside of the cups also contains little satin sling to give you a boost but it also feels lovely against your skin. They can all be transformed into racer backs with a hook which tucks nicely into the strap when you don’t need it. I don’t normally like plunge bras as I feel like they flatten my breasts but the little padding allows the bra to hold the roundness and give you the cleavage that plunge style bras are the best at giving. It’s an all round every day bra and the seasonal options that they have are always so beautiful.

I have not linked each bra as I have gone through but I have given you the names so you can search them on Google and find one in a sale the has your size. Remember, if you are in between sizes I would recommend the smaller of the two unless you sway more towards the larger size. Ultimo have the Aqua, Cherry and Janey (in red) styles on their website so go and have a look on there.

Happy mid-season sale shopping!






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