Have no fear, there’s a bra for that.

Bra solutions are the saviour we need to enjoy wearing beautiful outfits, without a bra popping out where we don’t want it. But what bra solution works for what situation?  Here are a list of bra solutions to look through and see what would work for you. Bra solutions are not just for special occasions either. Wear them under casual clothing if you need too, buy clothes and find the bra after. If there is a will, there is a way.

The strapless bra

Everyone knows that a strapless bra is an essential part of your lingerie wardrobe. You would wear a strapless bra with anything that doesn’t have straps or has straps thinner than your bra’s. My favourite strapless solution is the Wonder bra Ultimate Strapless and you can read my review of it here. Wearing straps when your clothing doesn’t have them can really spoil the look of your outfit. I would also highly recommend investing in a good quality strapless bra and staying as far away from “invisible” straps as possible. They are not invisible and they look cheap and tacky.

The stick on bra

The stick on bra, or the backless bra, comes in two forms; silicone stick cups or cups that stick with tabs on the side that also stick to you. The one with tabs on the side are for extra support. These bras are really useful to wear with open back or low back clothes. Similarly to “invisible straps” do not buy a “Clear back bra” they are not clear, they are very noticeable and they will not bring positive attention to your outfit.

Racer back converter

Racer back converters are super cheap and are worth having as a back up in your wardrobe. Quite a lot of bras now have clips already built in to the bra structure to allow you to have this look, but if yours don’t then this simple solution is perfect for you. It’s easier to ask someone else to help you, but you simply clip your two back bra straps together in the middle to form an X. I would loosen your bra straps ever so slightly to make the pull of the bra straps more comfortable. You would need an X shaped back for clothes that have that same X back. The converter can also be used to slightly boost cleavage.

Low back converter

A low back converter is very easy to use. You simply clip the two parts of the solution to your hooks and eyes on the back of your bra and wrap it around your body and hook it together at the front. This will make your bra back go from a straight line to a V. This converter won’t work on really low backs but there are other solutions listed on this post that you can try instead (Such as the backless, stick on bras). You can use this solution for V backed clothes where the V goes lower than your normal bra back. You can use dress tape to secure your cups and the converter straps if you have larger breasts.

Dress tape

Before I brought dress tape I didn’t realise how much I needed it. Dress tape can help secure other bra solutions in place, such as a low back converter, as well as holding your clothes fabric in place to prevent nipple slips. It can be used on any clothing you feel it should be used with. I use it on low cut clothes with another bra solution.

Nipple covers

Nipple covers are pretty self explanatory, they are covers for your nipples. You can get fabric or silicone ones. For Love and Lemons are the only stockers of nipple covers I’ve come across that are in different skin shades so you can pick from three colours here. Nipple covers can be used when you want to go braless or another bra solution won’t work and want to keep your nipples at bay when it gets a bit chilly. I prefer silicone covers to fabric as they are smoother.

Bra back extender

Although this isn’t a solution for outfits, it is worth mentioning. If your favourite bra is starting to get a little tight but you’re a bit strapped for cash and can’t afford to replenish your bra wardrobe until a few pay days away, all you need is a set of bra back extenders. Buy packs with either two or three hooks depending on what you have in your wardrobe. They are cheap and always worth having to hand.


U plunge bra

The U plunge bra is a bra with a U cut out at the front. This bra solution would be used if you wear low cut tops or dresses and the bra will hold your boobs with good cleavage.

Bye bra

Bye bra is breast lift tape used with nipple covers. The tape is placed on your breast then you lift it to your desired lift and stick down. You can see a tutorial on how to use this product here. These apparently work really well for larger breasts so if any of the solutions don’t appeal to the larger cupped ladies, then this solution can be used for any clothing you need a solution bra for. I have tried a dupe version of this and it was awful. I have yet to try the bye bra official product but it has good reviews.

The “Shop Now” button won’t work, this is an image.

I hope these bra solutions help inspire you to buy the complicated cut dress or top that you’ve always wanted to step out in. I will review some of these products as and when I try them out myself.


You must love your skin so please take care with stick on products and test them out at home before you wear them out. A lot of products recommend you patch test them so please do. Also do not use moisturiser or oil on your skin before you use stick on products as they will not stay put.

Claudia x





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