Supermarket star bras

Three weeks ago I put out a survey and one of the questions I asked was where you brought your lingerie from. To my complete ignorance and surprise, I found that the majority of my “Other” answers were either M&S or supermarkets. M&S could have fit under one of my other categories but supermarkets did not even cross my mind as an option. I found this quite funny as most of my socks are from Sainsburys so I knew that supermarkets sold underthings. As quite a lot of ladies must buy their bras from their local supermarket, I thought I would filter out what each supermarket does well.

George at ASDA


I was slightly overwhelmed by the choice in ASDA and their online store is also filled with more choices. I spoke to the shop assistant who told me that more sizes were available online so ASDA stock sizes 32A-42G which is quite impressive. The quality of their products are not high, but that is what you get with a bras starting as little as £4. I thought some of the wires were quite flimsy but the reviews for a majority of their bras are 4-5 stars which is amazing, comparative to high end brands where price doesn’t always correlate with consistent five star products. Customers favourite products online appear to be the post surgery bras which are also lacy. I love that ASDA stock these because women who are post surgery deserve pretty bras no matter what their financial situation might be. So the overview for ASDA is that initially not a lot excited me, especially with regards to quality. Saying that though, those who have tried and tested the bras appear to be really happy with the results for the price they paid. I would say their online store range is better than those that I saw in the store itself. And you can do click and collect in store for your convenience.


TU at Sainsburys



Not lingerie related but Sainsburys is my go to supermarket and as I said above about 70% of my socks come from Sainsburys. So being a lover of their store in general their lingerie section did disappointment me as far as selection goes. If you like little to no padding, Sainsburys is your go to place. Sizes range from a 32A to a 42E which is still a good range but not as good as ASDA’s. The Shapewear range was Sainsburys strong point. Their range for shape was large compared to Tesco and ASDA. Sainsburys also stocked cute underwear which could be included in a 3 for £8 which weren’t too dissimilar to high street clothing retailers styles. The quality of products was better than ASDA.


Tesco F&F

Tesco are the champions for bras found in supermarkets. With products ranging from £5-£27 and sizes from 32A-40G, the quality of products were the highest across the three stores. They had the largest ranges of each bra type, excluding shapewear but they did have some online. Some of the bras could be comparable to high street lingerie brands such as Boux Avenue and one of the bras even reminded me of a product I have handled in Victoria’s Secret but for only a fifth of the price. All of the seasonal bras came with pretty matching bottoms.



  • Bright pink and lime are in all supermarkets this SS16.
  • In my opinion Tesco has the best value for money products. You spend a little more but the fabric is better quality.
  • ASDA bra customers seem very happy with the bras they get for the price they pay.
  • Sainsburys are the best for shapewear and underwear deals (and socks..).
  • If I went back to a store to buy any of the products it would be the Tesco white balcony bra as shown above.

Things to keep in mind:

Stock in store and online differs. ASDA’s website doesn’t co-ordinate very well with some of the products I found in store. Also you can find a lot more sizes online for each of the supermarkets.

You often get what you pay for with cheaper bras.

Sainsburys don’t have a super store near me which could be a result of their small selection. They do good sleepwear though so check it out.

Next time you are doing a food shop check out your underwear section in your supermarket and see what bargains you pick up. You could be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Claudia. x






  1. In my experience, supermarket bra’s don’t always fit as well as branded ones, but again, you get what you pay for. I’ve found Tesco last longer than Sainsburys or Asda lingerie.


    1. Thank you for replying Kirsty! It’s always nice to get opinions of people who have tried and tested the products and I’m glad that your experience supports my inklings about Tescos being the better of the three!


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