A guide to care for your bras

After being a bra lover for years I realised about a year ago that I never really loved my bras in the way they deserved to be loved. I used to almost never wash my bras and if I did I popped them in a netted bra washing bag and threw them in with my other laundry on a 40 degree wash. I have never damaged a bra by doing this, probably because it was still a rare occurrence to wash them, but I would not recommend this.

Instead I started hand washing bras in the sink, spending ages using a pumping motion in the sink to try and get rid of the washing detergent I had used. I once was so unsuccessful at this that my black bra dried with powdered white soap marks around the edges.

I then had the revelation of Soak Wash which you can read my review on here. You simply pop your bra in to a sink of cool water and leave to soak for at least 15 minutes and you don’t have to rinse it as it is made up of all natural products.

I wash my bras on average, every three wears. It depends on how sweaty I get whilst wearing a bra so I would potentially wash my bras after each wash in the summer, but I live in England so I doubt I’ll be needing to.

To dry your bras you should gentle squeeze out as much water as possible- never ever wring your bras as you will damage them. Then lay them flat on an airer. Putting a towel under the bra also helps to stop water drips from from making carpet wet or damaging wooden floors.

FullSizeRender (1)

This blog post was inspired by the tweet I posted about how my bra drawer looked. To achieve my well presented bra drawer, I firstly took all of the bras out and laid them out and decided which ones I no longer needed. With the remaining, I soaked each of them and laid them flat to dry. The process took me 8 days to complete as I needed bras to wear and I have limited drying space. I own 20 bras so it could take you more or less time depending on how many you own. Each bra took about 1-2 days to dry fully depending on the lining or padding of the bra.

After each bra was dry I would pop it into the drawer in colour order. My two ultimate strapless bras in cream and black stayed at the end so they didn’t mess up the drawer as they are an unusual shape. Behind those two strapless bras are any bra solutions I own such as low back and racer back converters. It is now so easy to find a bra to go under what I am wearing. My clothing wardrobe is also in a colour and clothing item order so getting ready in the morning is easier.

Panorama photo of my bra drawer

The bras support one another in the drawer but if you wear mostly unlined bras they might slip so I would suggest getting a bra organiser to help keep them upright and secure in your drawer. Storing your bras opened up helps to keep the bras shape so you should do this where possible and not fold the bra.


I feel so much fresher in my bras and I love having an organised order to my bra storage as well as a quick and effective routine to washing them.

Keep your bras well. Support them so they will be better at supporting you.





PINK Date Push-Up bra review

In January of 2016 a Victoria’s Secret store opened in Bristol meaning I got to indulge myself in some new undies.

I always find it is best to review bras after you have worn them quite a lot and whilst doing various activities so you can give a realistic view on the bra.

I found myself more interested in the PINK section of the Victoria’s Secret store, probably because of the roughly £20-£30 price cut on bras. I had wanted a burgundy bra for quite some time and the pretty lace detailing of the Date bra stood out to me. I tried on the bra in a size 32DD and felt that the bra fit as it should. It was flat on the chest, the band was horizontal and straight across the back and the straps didn’t dig and there was no gaping or quad boob.


The padding inside the bra is light in comparison to some of the other bras they stock and just enhances your breasts nicely and gives a nice rounded effect under tight fitting clothes. It is still the most padded bra that I own but it isn’t uncomfortable. You can get this bra in an unlined version.

The bra transforms into a racer back style by switching the straps around at the back which is a feature I have not yet used as I don’t often need to wear racer backs.


The elastic in the band has stretched out a bit, so I now use the mid hooks (I have owned the bra for five months). I am not sure if this is normal or good for a Victoria’s Secret/ PINK bra as this is the first I have owned.

What I am disappointed with, is that I care for my bras a lot using Soak Wash meaning that I never vigorously wash bras. Some threading of the lace has come out which has resulted in the bra looking scruffy in some areas. I can always trim these parts off but for the VS and PINK hype, it was a little disappointing as I haven’t ever had to neaten up any of my other bras before.

I have tried and tested this bra across many daily routines. Wearing it around the house, to the office or out and about in town, it feels absolutely fine and comfortable. However, I did get a friction burn under my armpit when I was working an 8 hour shift lifting and moving items. The hot, rough skin patch went after a few days with some help from a non-scented moisturiser.

I originally wanted to buy this bra in white as well, but I think for the price you pay the general quality isn’t as good as some other bras that I have within the same price range.

Overall I do like this bra and I do wear it. I probably wouldn’t recommend it, simply because of a comparison with other bras that I have had for longer, which haven’t lost much elasticity and haven’t frayed at the edges or in the middle of the bra. I would purchase another bra from Victoria’s Secret in the future to see how the VS bras compare to PINK.




Why you should be buying yourself lingerie

Many women give off the impression that they will only buy lingerie if they have someone to see it. This is really sad because lingerie should be for you. So I am going to give you the reasons you need to buy yourself lingerie:

  • Whenever you have previously put lingerie on for someone else, you have probably checked yourself out and thought “Damn, I look fantastic”. Well how about just putting on your best sets under clothes every day? You will feel amazing and when you have had a bad day, you will go home, get undressed and remember how gorgeous your body is and how brilliantly your figure compliments the lingerie.


  • Do not save your expensive lingerie for special occasions. Wear it all of the time, you want your moneys worth out of it. The average woman owns 9 bras which means you should wear you expensive bra at least 41 times in a year for it to have been as worth while buying as your cheaper bras.


  • If you are one of these people who will spend £100+ on an outfit you know you will only wear once or twice, then buying more expensive lingerie is justifiable. You will wear it far more and if you have something like a slip or teddy with a kimono, you can wear it around the house and it is perfectly acceptable.


  • Lingerie allows you to have an alter ego under your outfit. It is especially great for people who have to wear uniforms or suits to work because under your professional appearance you can decide how fun and how sexy you want to be. Lingerie is a lot like make up and so many girls state that make up is for them to feel good, not for impressing men, so lingerie should be seen in the same way.


  • I am not saying you should never buy lingerie with the intention of seduction, but you have to love what you are wearing. I believe that when a woman feels sexy and confident in herself, then she will be much more attractive to her partner. Remember to put yourself first in your choices of lingerie, comfort and confidence are very important.



  • Believe it or not lingerie is not about sex. Yes there are brands that attach sex to lingerie, but you do not have to be promiscuous to buy and wear sexy or beautiful lingerie.



So, if for the last few months you have been wanting lingerie but you haven’t brought any because of any of the reasons above, go out and buy something for YOU.

Treat yourself,

Claudia .x




Calvin Klein soft bra- is it worth the hype?

Calvin Klein soft bras have got to be one of the most sold bras globally and social media is the stage for everyone who owns one, to show off #meinmycalvins. From faces such as Kendall Jenner to Justin Bieber showing off their branded undies, it’s no surprise that most people want to own one, and those who own a set, want the world to know.

I was in Urban Outfitters with a friend of mine, and I was feeling up the bras and said  “I wonder if it’s worth the hype” to which she responded with wide eyes and a nodding head, assuring me that is was. I don’t really like to give into social trends, but as a lingerie enthusiast, I thought I should give it a go. So a few weeks later I went back into UO and picked up a few to try on.

My initial reaction was that the cotton was soft and elastic was gentle on the skin but I didn’t really like the racer back. I often find them restricting, so racer backs are only something I will wear if I am exercising or really need one for the particular outfit I’m wearing. So I was not about to spend £30 on something I would probably have to force myself to wear.


Luckily for me, Urban Outfitters stocked a strappy version of the bra  without the racer back. The racer back version is referred to as a “Bra top” and the strappy version is referred to as a “Bralette”.

I actually found this bralette very comfortable. I did buy it in a size large as they didn’t have a medium in stock but for me the large fits very comfortably, to the point that it feels like I’m not wearing anything to support my breasts, even though they are being supported. A larger size also means I can wear it as a crop top in the summer as it has better coverage.

The fabric is 92% cotton and 8% elastic. The fine straps at the back are adjustable to fit your comfort needs. For me, this was the selling point to buy this bra. I like flexibility with a bra, everyone is different so it’s important to customise your bra in a way to make it comfortable for yourself.


So, the verdict; yes, it is worth the hype, but the hype isn’t for the right reasons. It’s hype is around the brand name, not the quality and comfort of the product. It’s the comfiest bra to lounge around in and do house work in. Nothing pokes or rubs in any places and I look forward to braving it and wearing it out in the summer. Although pricy (£28) for some cotton and elastic, I have definitely worn it more than enough times to cover the cost. Go and try one on and see for yourself, I would love to hear anyone’s opinion in the comment section below or tweet me.