Calvin Klein soft bra- is it worth the hype?

Calvin Klein soft bras have got to be one of the most sold bras globally and social media is the stage for everyone who owns one, to show off #meinmycalvins. From faces such as Kendall Jenner to Justin Bieber showing off their branded undies, it’s no surprise that most people want to own one, and those who own a set, want the world to know.

I was in Urban Outfitters with a friend of mine, and I was feeling up the bras and said  “I wonder if it’s worth the hype” to which she responded with wide eyes and a nodding head, assuring me that is was. I don’t really like to give into social trends, but as a lingerie enthusiast, I thought I should give it a go. So a few weeks later I went back into UO and picked up a few to try on.

My initial reaction was that the cotton was soft and elastic was gentle on the skin but I didn’t really like the racer back. I often find them restricting, so racer backs are only something I will wear if I am exercising or really need one for the particular outfit I’m wearing. So I was not about to spend £30 on something I would probably have to force myself to wear.


Luckily for me, Urban Outfitters stocked a strappy version of the bra  without the racer back. The racer back version is referred to as a “Bra top” and the strappy version is referred to as a “Bralette”.

I actually found this bralette very comfortable. I did buy it in a size large as they didn’t have a medium in stock but for me the large fits very comfortably, to the point that it feels like I’m not wearing anything to support my breasts, even though they are being supported. A larger size also means I can wear it as a crop top in the summer as it has better coverage.

The fabric is 92% cotton and 8% elastic. The fine straps at the back are adjustable to fit your comfort needs. For me, this was the selling point to buy this bra. I like flexibility with a bra, everyone is different so it’s important to customise your bra in a way to make it comfortable for yourself.


So, the verdict; yes, it is worth the hype, but the hype isn’t for the right reasons. It’s hype is around the brand name, not the quality and comfort of the product. It’s the comfiest bra to lounge around in and do house work in. Nothing pokes or rubs in any places and I look forward to braving it and wearing it out in the summer. Although pricy (£28) for some cotton and elastic, I have definitely worn it more than enough times to cover the cost. Go and try one on and see for yourself, I would love to hear anyone’s opinion in the comment section below or tweet me.





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