Why you should be buying yourself lingerie

Many women give off the impression that they will only buy lingerie if they have someone to see it. This is really sad because lingerie should be for you. So I am going to give you the reasons you need to buy yourself lingerie:

  • Whenever you have previously put lingerie on for someone else, you have probably checked yourself out and thought “Damn, I look fantastic”. Well how about just putting on your best sets under clothes every day? You will feel amazing and when you have had a bad day, you will go home, get undressed and remember how gorgeous your body is and how brilliantly your figure compliments the lingerie.


  • Do not save your expensive lingerie for special occasions. Wear it all of the time, you want your moneys worth out of it. The average woman owns 9 bras which means you should wear you expensive bra at least 41 times in a year for it to have been as worth while buying as your cheaper bras.


  • If you are one of these people who will spend £100+ on an outfit you know you will only wear once or twice, then buying more expensive lingerie is justifiable. You will wear it far more and if you have something like a slip or teddy with a kimono, you can wear it around the house and it is perfectly acceptable.


  • Lingerie allows you to have an alter ego under your outfit. It is especially great for people who have to wear uniforms or suits to work because under your professional appearance you can decide how fun and how sexy you want to be. Lingerie is a lot like make up and so many girls state that make up is for them to feel good, not for impressing men, so lingerie should be seen in the same way.


  • I am not saying you should never buy lingerie with the intention of seduction, but you have to love what you are wearing. I believe that when a woman feels sexy and confident in herself, then she will be much more attractive to her partner. Remember to put yourself first in your choices of lingerie, comfort and confidence are very important.



  • Believe it or not lingerie is not about sex. Yes there are brands that attach sex to lingerie, but you do not have to be promiscuous to buy and wear sexy or beautiful lingerie.



So, if for the last few months you have been wanting lingerie but you haven’t brought any because of any of the reasons above, go out and buy something for YOU.

Treat yourself,

Claudia .x





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