PINK Date Push-Up bra review

In January of 2016 a Victoria’s Secret store opened in Bristol meaning I got to indulge myself in some new undies.

I always find it is best to review bras after you have worn them quite a lot and whilst doing various activities so you can give a realistic view on the bra.

I found myself more interested in the PINK section of the Victoria’s Secret store, probably because of the roughly £20-£30 price cut on bras. I had wanted a burgundy bra for quite some time and the pretty lace detailing of the Date bra stood out to me. I tried on the bra in a size 32DD and felt that the bra fit as it should. It was flat on the chest, the band was horizontal and straight across the back and the straps didn’t dig and there was no gaping or quad boob.


The padding inside the bra is light in comparison to some of the other bras they stock and just enhances your breasts nicely and gives a nice rounded effect under tight fitting clothes. It is still the most padded bra that I own but it isn’t uncomfortable. You can get this bra in an unlined version.

The bra transforms into a racer back style by switching the straps around at the back which is a feature I have not yet used as I don’t often need to wear racer backs.


The elastic in the band has stretched out a bit, so I now use the mid hooks (I have owned the bra for five months). I am not sure if this is normal or good for a Victoria’s Secret/ PINK bra as this is the first I have owned.

What I am disappointed with, is that I care for my bras a lot using Soak Wash meaning that I never vigorously wash bras. Some threading of the lace has come out which has resulted in the bra looking scruffy in some areas. I can always trim these parts off but for the VS and PINK hype, it was a little disappointing as I haven’t ever had to neaten up any of my other bras before.

I have tried and tested this bra across many daily routines. Wearing it around the house, to the office or out and about in town, it feels absolutely fine and comfortable. However, I did get a friction burn under my armpit when I was working an 8 hour shift lifting and moving items. The hot, rough skin patch went after a few days with some help from a non-scented moisturiser.

I originally wanted to buy this bra in white as well, but I think for the price you pay the general quality isn’t as good as some other bras that I have within the same price range.

Overall I do like this bra and I do wear it. I probably wouldn’t recommend it, simply because of a comparison with other bras that I have had for longer, which haven’t lost much elasticity and haven’t frayed at the edges or in the middle of the bra. I would purchase another bra from Victoria’s Secret in the future to see how the VS bras compare to PINK.






  1. Any bra worn this amount of time ages the same way. I love PINK myself very much. You’re never too old for it, at all. Despite my getting my true bra sizing, i find the bras meant to fit me at other stores poke me a lot in the ribs. The bra sister size I use from PINK fits me really well. Definitely cozy. Since they have a lot of deals going on, and no I don’t work there I happen to like the shop due to it being more youthful with fun patterns beside the serious VS older cousin store, you should’ve really gotten more than one bra. This dilemma is so much like when women wear the same purse nonstop and wonder why it ages. It happens to everyone. Take light of those discounts! Also, anything lacy ages faster.


    1. Thank you for your input! I hadn’t worn this bra any more than other bras of a similar style and in a similar price range. I own a lot of bras so I have plenty to rotate with 🙂 I would never wear a bra for five months continuously *shudders*. I’m glad you like the PINK range, I just don’t feel like it’s super suited to me and it wasn’t what I expected from such a high profile lingerie brand. I do like this bra and I still wear it on occasion but I wouldn’t repurchase.


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