A guide to care for your bras

After being a bra lover for years I realised about a year ago that I never really loved my bras in the way they deserved to be loved. I used to almost never wash my bras and if I did I popped them in a netted bra washing bag and threw them in with my other laundry on a 40 degree wash. I have never damaged a bra by doing this, probably because it was still a rare occurrence to wash them, but I would not recommend this.

Instead I started hand washing bras in the sink, spending ages using a pumping motion in the sink to try and get rid of the washing detergent I had used. I once was so unsuccessful at this that my black bra dried with powdered white soap marks around the edges.

I then had the revelation of Soak Wash which you can read my review on here. You simply pop your bra in to a sink of cool water and leave to soak for at least 15 minutes and you don’t have to rinse it as it is made up of all natural products.

I wash my bras on average, every three wears. It depends on how sweaty I get whilst wearing a bra so I would potentially wash my bras after each wash in the summer, but I live in England so I doubt I’ll be needing to.

To dry your bras you should gentle squeeze out as much water as possible- never ever wring your bras as you will damage them. Then lay them flat on an airer. Putting a towel under the bra also helps to stop water drips from from making carpet wet or damaging wooden floors.

FullSizeRender (1)

This blog post was inspired by the tweet I posted about how my bra drawer looked. To achieve my well presented bra drawer, I firstly took all of the bras out and laid them out and decided which ones I no longer needed. With the remaining, I soaked each of them and laid them flat to dry. The process took me 8 days to complete as I needed bras to wear and I have limited drying space. I own 20 bras so it could take you more or less time depending on how many you own. Each bra took about 1-2 days to dry fully depending on the lining or padding of the bra.

After each bra was dry I would pop it into the drawer in colour order. My two ultimate strapless bras in cream and black stayed at the end so they didn’t mess up the drawer as they are an unusual shape. Behind those two strapless bras are any bra solutions I own such as low back and racer back converters. It is now so easy to find a bra to go under what I am wearing. My clothing wardrobe is also in a colour and clothing item order so getting ready in the morning is easier.

Panorama photo of my bra drawer

The bras support one another in the drawer but if you wear mostly unlined bras they might slip so I would suggest getting a bra organiser to help keep them upright and secure in your drawer. Storing your bras opened up helps to keep the bras shape so you should do this where possible and not fold the bra.


I feel so much fresher in my bras and I love having an organised order to my bra storage as well as a quick and effective routine to washing them.

Keep your bras well. Support them so they will be better at supporting you.





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