Chloe Lace Balconette Bra Review

Boux Avenue turned 5 not too long ago, so a huge congratulations to the company as it continues to build a reputation for themselves. Boux sells bras for a good price that cater to a large range of sizes, and with easy access on the high street they appeal to most people seeking a quick lingerie fix.

The most reoccurring promotion is on their Chloe bra sets. I brought my first Chloe bra a few years ago in white and in the balconette style in a size 30E. I can say that it has lasted a really long time with little discolouration and the elastic has hardly given in.

The bra is simple with a delicate and pretty lace pattern. It is perfect for everyday wear. I personally wear them under tight fitting tops because I don’t mind a bit of lace poking through the top, but this bra won’t give you a smooth cup if that is what you are looking for.

In the summer of 2015 I needed a lace nude bra to fit under a transparent nude top. The decision to wear that top was very last minute so I quickly popped into Boux with the top and grabbed the Chloe bra in nude in a size 32DD. The top fit perfectly under the top and I was fortunate enough that the promotion for the matching bottoms was on meaning I paid £1 extra to have the set, saving me £9. This nude bra has also served me well and still feels new when I wear it despite wearing it quite often for nearly a year.

Screenshot 2016-05-31 14.38.51.png

It doesn’t surprise me that Chloe sets are their best selling when I have tried lots of bras from Boux. Their Chloe sets have lasted longer than my previously loved and completely outworn Georgia sets which are now discontinued and replaced with “Rita” which I have yet to try.

The bras fit really well and are true to size and are comfortable.


The V shape to the strap did catch my skin a bit with the white one but it looks like they made the V smaller by the time I brought the nude one. I have not had any catching issues in the nude and I haven’t in the white one for a long time.

Whilst looking at the bras to review I noticed that the linings were different. The white one is “softer” on the inside, the fabric used for the lining is flimsier. In the nude bra it is firmer, yet still soft. I decided to see if the bra fabric had changed and unsurprisingly they had. The white bra from a few years ago contains 86% polyamide and 14% elastane. The nude bra contains 93% polyamide and 7% elastane. Both are soft on the skin but the quality of the lining in the bra has definitely got better over the years.

I would recommend this bra from Boux, they are simple, pretty as well as comfortable and they don’t wear as quickly as some of my other bras have done and for only £25 for the set when it’s on offer it is a complete bargain. I will be upgrading my white one soon just to freshen up.






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