Don’t get your knickers in a twist: A quick guide to your underthings.

There is an overwhelming amount of knickers on the market, all serving their own purpose and cater to different women and their needs. Here is your quick guide on knickers and what sorts of clothes you can wear them under.

Full Brief

Your classic underwear is the brief. A slightly high waistband offers full coverage and lots of women tend to find that these are the most comfortable underwear option. As the brief offers a high waistband, it is hard to wear under low cut trousers. If you tuck a top into your bottoms you will probably be okay. I would recommend wearing briefs under loosely fitted skirts and dresses to avoid a visible panty line (VPL). You can get no VPL briefs which would be worth investing in, if you love your briefs and your tight fitting trousers. Briefs are also perfect for wearing under lounge wear.


French Cut Knickers (High cut briefs)

The french cut knickers are similar to a brief but they are cut higher on the legs/hips whilst still covering your bottom. This is a good alternative for those who don’t like the fabric cutting in on their skin. They can be worn in the same situation as a classic full brief, or you can wear them with high cut leotards and shorts for that 80’s look.


Boy shorts

Boy shorts are based of of men’s boxers. They cover the hips and more often come in rectangle or square shapes depending on how they sit on the leg. They are low cut on the hips and cover your bottom. Properly fitted boy shorts in the right fabric, can be worn under tight fitted clothes such as jeans, for that no VPL look. Baggier boy shorts are often worn as lounge wear rather than under specific garments.

Sloggi boy shorts



Your hip hugging underwear does exactly that. These are similar to boy shorts but they don’t go as far down on the leg. They sit low on your hips and still give you full coverage. They are ideal to wear under low rising garments such as jeans, trousers and skirts.



The bikini cut was modelled off a woman’s behind, and are therefore meant to flatter the bottom. The waistband sits about three inches below the natural waist and has high cut leg holes for comfort. It has little coverage and therefore can be worn under most garments. They are a popular choice for everyday wear.




A tanga has moderate to minimal coverage, often covering little of the bottom. It has more coverage than a thong but less than a brief. They can be used to get used to smaller amounts of coverage before wearing a thong. These can we worn under most clothes including tighter fits and are perfect for those who don’t like thongs, or for their bottom to be fully covered.



Lots of people dread wearing thongs. The back of these is a piece of material that sits between your cheeks, therefore leaving your bottom uncovered. They often sit just above or on your hip bone. They take a wear or two to get used too, but they can be worn under virtually anything as there is no material on your bottom to give off a VPL. Your tightest jeans, your pencil skirt, almost everything that is a tight fit works when wearing a thong. Wearing a thong under leggings is also recommended if you plan to wear leggings as a pair of bottoms and not a form of hosiery.



G-strings are your “Go there or go bare” option. The front panel is very minimal and the back is created with two strings. One that sits on the hip bone to keep the underwear up, and one down the back, between your cheeks, that attaches to the front material. Don’t worry your actual vagina is covered by material and not a string.  If you have an item of clothing that sits so close to your skin, then a G-String is your answer.


Most underwear these days comes in a no VPL option which is really helpful for women as fashion increases in tighter fitting clothes. There is no right or wrong way to wear these underthings, as long as you are comfortable and nothing is on show that you don’t want on show. Remember that light coloured clothes can show even the smallest dark and brightly coloured underwear, so please take that into consideration when you choose your underwear for your white jeans.






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