What your customer really wants.

When shopping for lingerie there are certain things I look for when I want to buy from somewhere. This blog post is to give you a run down on my personal preference to shopping and what makes me step into a store and what does and does not lead me to making a purchase.

First impressions

Walking past a store, you will make a judgement instantly about whether that shop is somewhere you want to step into. If the front of a shop has worn paint and the maintenance is low, I would get the impression that the brand does not care about their reputation, thus making me go elsewhere. If you have a pretty store front, something that is simple yet speaks to multiple people, you will entice more people into entering your store.

Guilt lingerie shop front

In and out

Once a person has got through the door, they are instantly a potential customer. If your store doesn’t keep in theme with your well kept store front, you will find more and more customers come in and have the “Polite browse”. This is something we have all done, the classic “Can I help you?” “No thank you, I’m just browsing”. Then circles the shop, touching two or three items and walking out. You want to have something you can talk to customers about. Is there a promotion on? Tell them! If you are an independent retailer, ask “How did you hear about us?” Make conversation and learn how people are finding out about your store, this can prove useful in many ways, especially in marketing. If someone is in the store feeling up a product, ask them what size they normally wear and see if you have it in stock and ask what they want from a new bra and make recommendations.

Madame Bijouxx in Kuwait

Making a sale

Normally I am willing to make a purchase when I have received amazing customer service. This makes such a difference but you should always have enough team members on hand to make it personal to the customer. If you are running a boutique by yourself, you could have a “booking for a fitting” system in place to deal with short staff if you are busy. Ultimately every store should be staffed to cater to the amount of people walking through their doors.

French Affairs gift wrapping



I hate season sales. I hate going through boxes of bras tangled together to find my size. Some people love this, and those are the people that will come in and clear your old stock for you. But try and make this as easy as possible and sort sale stock into easy categories. Efficiency will benefit everyone.

I am a promotion girl, but only when I am not being asked to come back in and spend more money. I like a simple “Free X when you buy Y” or “Triple points on your loyalty card” etc… I want to get something back from being a loyal customer without feeling like I am breaking the bank and that my loyalty doesn’t mean that much to you. Remember, it is about building relationships with your customers, make them feel appreciated and they will return.

Boux Avenue Promotion

Things to remember

Interior to a shop is important.If your carpets have stains and your dressing rooms are dark and dingy, it isn’t a positive place for someone to come and try on bras. Taking off your underwear in basically a public place should be done in a comfortable environment. If you can afford doors that lock instead of curtains, then you should have these installed. No one wants to feel vulnerable whilst shopping for intimates.

Fit your customers properly and make sure all of your staff know how to as well. If they don’t make sure they get a member of the team who does know how to fit properly. Customers should not be sent home with a poorly fitted bra.

Colleagues build your business. If a member of your team has made me feel like a burden, uncomfortable or is just in general rude, I am gone forever, especially if this is my first experience in your store. I do not have the time or money to put myself in negative situations and pay for them.



To summarise, the key to creating customers is giving a positive experience within everything you do from outside of the store to being inside the store to making a sale.






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