Does one size fit all?

I have recently tried out an intimissimi one size thong and I thought I would review it for you.
My purchase of this thong, was simply a huge interest in the fact it could be adjusted using a slider mechanism, like the one you would find on a bra strap so my focus is on the idea that the thong is one size rather than a huge focus on the quality of the product.
For only £5 in the sale I thought it was worth the purchase. I liked the idea and I liked the colour as well as the pretty detailing and lace.
First impressions at 7:30am:
Very comfortable and sits on the body really well. I adjusted it to fit me firmly but not too tightly.
After half an hour:
This label has got to go. Labels that are long and are in the middle of underwear are the absolute worst. Itchy and uncomfortable between your cheeks is never fun!


First notice around 1:40pm:

This is the first time I noticed my underwear during the day. I felt this sharp pain and thought the slider must be digging in to me. A little readjust made me realise that the string where the slider is, had flipped over, probably after I had popped to the ladies. As soon as I turned it around again, there was no more digging.

Rest of the day:


Do I think this sort of product would be suitable for everyone? 

Probably not everyone. As the panel of the garment fits well to my size (UK10) it might be too small for anyone above a UK size 14. That said, I also do not think the sliders on the string would allow enough room for any size up from a UK 14 to fit comfortably. But if there was a “one size” for bigger clothing sizes with a bigger front to the garment, then it would definitely work!

If you are a UK size 6-14 then this product is wonderful.


When should you wear this sort of thong?

Anytime you like! I wore mine on a casual day out with friends in London, and hardly noticed it despite walking around a lot. I wore it under a pair of skinny jeans.

Because of the sliders, it might not work under fine fabric, tight fitting clothes as they might be noticeable. Therefore , you should stick to normal G-Strings or invisible underwear (see guide).

Overall opinion:

I love this product and I feel like it’s just like any other thong but with a more personalised fit. It didn’t readjust itself and was very comfortable. Just make sure the sliders aren’t facing your skin!  The quality of the finish of the thong isn’t as amazing as higher end products, but the concept of the product is one that I think could take off more in the future.




Components of a bra

After a rather fascinating meeting this morning with one of my suppliers, I thought I should cover the components of a bra.

People often complain that bras are too expensive and that “they didn’t choose the boob life, the boob life chose them”. Well, once you realise how much detailing goes into just a standard bra, you start to see why there is a cost in good quality products.

I do not own this image. I could not find the original source to credit.


The cup is the part of the bra that holds your breasts. A lot of supportive bras use different pieces of fabric, often two or three depending on the support needed. The cups are generally held together by a gore in between the cups. The straps are also attached to the cups, unless it is a strapless bra, then the cups are sewn to the wings, or more commonly known as the bra band. You should always scoop your breasts into the bra to ensure the cups are properly filled with your breast.

Prima Donna, three part cup bra.

Centre Front Gore:

This part of the bra should sit flat on your chest between your bust. This is one of the indicators of a well fitted bra. The gore can vary in height depending on the style of a bra. A full cup bra tends to have a larger/ higher gore than a plunge or balconette bra.

Wings (Band):

The band of the bra is where most of the support should come from. Most women do not like the band to be too firm, but the support should be from here and not your shoulders other wise you can create back problems.

The darker the colour, the more support that, that part of the bra should be giving you. I was shown this image in my meeting today.

Front Strap:

The front straps are not adjustable. Straps are used to hold your bra in place but they should not be used to create all of the support from the bra.

Back Strap:

The back strap is adjustable. This allows you to make your straps sit firmly on your body without them being too tight, or too loose.

Hook and eye closure:

This is the fastening of a bra. The general two hook options allow wearers to get the best fit from their bra and are there to make adjustments if the elastic in your bra stretches out.

Image credit to Sew Sassy Fabrics


This is the part of the bra where you adjust the strap to your own comfort.


The rings join the front and back strap together. They can also be used to attach the back strap to the band of the bra. They are generally made from metal or plastic.


This isn’t really part of the bra, more just the shape. Different bra styles have different cuts of the neckline, for example, a plunge bra creates a rounded top V shape whereas a balconette bra is cut straighter across the bust.


The apex connects the front strap to the cup. The apex should not squeeze flesh but should sit against the tissue. If it does squeeze the flesh, this could mean that the bra does not fit correctly.


The underwire is set in place to support the cups. In better quality bras, it is made from metal, in lower quality bras, it is made from plastic. The wire sits under the cup and is in between the gore and the band. The wire should always hold the entire breast and no sit on any breast tissue, again scoop your breast into the cup to ensure you aren’t damaging your breast tissue.

Photo credit: Macculloch & Wallis

So there we have it! You standard components of a bra. Each bra also has to be hand made because of the complexity behind each garment. I remember the first time seeing a bra “dissected” and was blown away by the amount of detailing that goes into each bra.





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Claudia May Lingerie – Announcement

Hello everyone!

Something incredibly exciting has been going on over the last few months and I have managed to stay incredibly quiet about it despite constantly wanting to update you about the journey I have been on.

Since February I have been dedicated to writing blog posts every Wednesday. In between writing blog posts and tweeting to my wonderful followers, I have been busying away with research.

On May 13th I became the founder of my own business. So exactly two months later, and with huge excitement, I am delighted to introduce you all to Claudia May Lingerie.


I wanted to bring beautiful and luxury products to women to inspire them on a daily basis and to give them an opportunity to embrace their femininity through amazing underwear. I have spent hours researching the best products on the market and I will be bringing them to you in September 2016 via my website.

Thank you so much everyone for your support throughout the last few months, you have all helped me to get to the point I am at now and I am always grateful to those of you who have shared my blog posts and participated in my #FridayFeeling polls, which I of course will continue doing.

As a thank you, please look out for a few giveaways across my social media accounts in the build up to the launch. They will be coming in the next few weeks.

Find my website here and feel free to subscribe to my mailing list if you would like to receive pre-launch updates about Claudia May Lingerie.







Fabulous fabrics for your underthings

A few months ago I put out a survey asking various questions about preferences when it came to your underwear. With an overwhelming 350 responses within three days, I thought it was about time I wrote a blog post with some of the answers and what I have concluded from them.


As you can see from the chart, over 50% of those who filled out the survey, did not have a preference when it came to the material of their undergarments. This did not really surprise me as lots of ladies will just pick up basic underwear or if they like the look of them, they will buy them anyway, regardless of the fabric used to make them. Lots of underwear uses a combination of fabric as well, which is why it is difficult to have a set preference.

Cotton was the most favourable option when choosing knicker material. Again, this did not surprise me as cotton is your most breathable fabric and is actually the healthiest option for women. Cotton is especially good if you suffer from reoccurring yeast infections as the fabric does not hold as much moister as other fabrics do. Despite being the most breathable fabric, it is not recommended that you wear any underwear over night. It is important to get a good circulation to avoid over heating and infection. But if you must wear underwear at night then a high percentage cotton is your best option.

Note: Most underwear is never 100% cotton as elastane is used to allow stretching. You normally find 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

15.5% of those who filled out the survey were fans of lace! Being a lover of pretty underwear, this made me happy. Lace is beautiful and can make you feel sexy, beautiful, or both. Polyamide mix is used to make cheaper lace which does not always last long and you can find yourself with frayed underwear. Silk lace is the finer and higher end choice that might often be a treat for a lot of people. Good quality lace can feel really light and delicate against the skin and can be very comfortable.

Just peachy by figleaves

6.6% chose silk as their preferred choice. Putting on any sort of silk underwear or silk clothing gives you the sort of feeling when you have just shaved your legs and they are smooth and you just want to touch them all the time, you can’t not love it! Silk is one of the most expensive materials making real silk products a luxury item. Silk products can be quite time consuming to look after as most items have to be hand washed but are generally worth the maintenance as they will last a long time. The amount of people who specified silk as the preferred material for their underwear, are in the majority of people who said they often look to buy high end lingerie.

Opulence Knickers by Janay intimates.

Polyester and Nylon are tiny percentages as you can hardly see them in the chart. I believe that these two fabrics would come under the “no preference” category. A lot of high street clothing retailers use these fabrics to make underwear, but they are not luxurious or something people often specifically want in their underwear, they just contain these materials. A lot of my cheaper underwear is made from a high percentage of polyester, mixed with other fabrics. These particular pieces of underwear have not always lasted as long as other materials such as cotton.

Most gussets in underwear are 100% cotton to allow the body to breath. This means that you can have your pretty underwear and have some help breathing as well.

It is important to take care of yourself, and just like wearing the right bra size is important for your health, wearing knickers with the right fabric is also really important for your health. There is no right or wrong fabric, everyone is different, so make sure you are wearing what is right for you.

What is your favourite fabric choice for your underwear? Comment or tweet me to let me know.