Claudia May Lingerie – Announcement

Hello everyone!

Something incredibly exciting has been going on over the last few months and I have managed to stay incredibly quiet about it despite constantly wanting to update you about the journey I have been on.

Since February I have been dedicated to writing blog posts every Wednesday. In between writing blog posts and tweeting to my wonderful followers, I have been busying away with research.

On May 13th I became the founder of my own business. So exactly two months later, and with huge excitement, I am delighted to introduce you all to Claudia May Lingerie.


I wanted to bring beautiful and luxury products to women to inspire them on a daily basis and to give them an opportunity to embrace their femininity through amazing underwear. I have spent hours researching the best products on the market and I will be bringing them to you in September 2016 via my website.

Thank you so much everyone for your support throughout the last few months, you have all helped me to get to the point I am at now and I am always grateful to those of you who have shared my blog posts and participated in my #FridayFeeling polls, which I of course will continue doing.

As a thank you, please look out for a few giveaways across my social media accounts in the build up to the launch. They will be coming in the next few weeks.

Find my website here and feel free to subscribe to my mailing list if you would like to receive pre-launch updates about Claudia May Lingerie.









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