Does one size fit all?

I have recently tried out an intimissimi one size thong and I thought I would review it for you.
My purchase of this thong, was simply a huge interest in the fact it could be adjusted using a slider mechanism, like the one you would find on a bra strap so my focus is on the idea that the thong is one size rather than a huge focus on the quality of the product.
For only £5 in the sale I thought it was worth the purchase. I liked the idea and I liked the colour as well as the pretty detailing and lace.
First impressions at 7:30am:
Very comfortable and sits on the body really well. I adjusted it to fit me firmly but not too tightly.
After half an hour:
This label has got to go. Labels that are long and are in the middle of underwear are the absolute worst. Itchy and uncomfortable between your cheeks is never fun!


First notice around 1:40pm:

This is the first time I noticed my underwear during the day. I felt this sharp pain and thought the slider must be digging in to me. A little readjust made me realise that the string where the slider is, had flipped over, probably after I had popped to the ladies. As soon as I turned it around again, there was no more digging.

Rest of the day:


Do I think this sort of product would be suitable for everyone? 

Probably not everyone. As the panel of the garment fits well to my size (UK10) it might be too small for anyone above a UK size 14. That said, I also do not think the sliders on the string would allow enough room for any size up from a UK 14 to fit comfortably. But if there was a “one size” for bigger clothing sizes with a bigger front to the garment, then it would definitely work!

If you are a UK size 6-14 then this product is wonderful.


When should you wear this sort of thong?

Anytime you like! I wore mine on a casual day out with friends in London, and hardly noticed it despite walking around a lot. I wore it under a pair of skinny jeans.

Because of the sliders, it might not work under fine fabric, tight fitting clothes as they might be noticeable. Therefore , you should stick to normal G-Strings or invisible underwear (see guide).

Overall opinion:

I love this product and I feel like it’s just like any other thong but with a more personalised fit. It didn’t readjust itself and was very comfortable. Just make sure the sliders aren’t facing your skin!  The quality of the finish of the thong isn’t as amazing as higher end products, but the concept of the product is one that I think could take off more in the future.





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