The Beauty of Bamboo

I have been inspired to write about the beauty of bamboo fabric as Claudia May Lingerie will be stocking part of the new Bare range by Janay.

Excited to be able to offer these alternative fabric underthings on my website, I had to do my research behind why bamboo is classed as an eco fabric and what the pros are for owning underthings in this material. I ended up switching out a different suppliers cotton soft bras in order to stock these products. After some research I knew that they would be far better for the environment and I also could be sure that the product production would be ethical which is also important to me.


There are many ecological benefits of bamboo. Bamboo is the longest member of the grass family and can grow up to 35 meters tall. They are also the fastest growing wood plants in the world. Bamboo has over 1600 species which are grown over various climates making it a sustainable resource and giving it an ecological advantage over other natural fibres such as cotton which has a much more time consuming and spacious growing need.

Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool. Bamboo fabrics are incredibly soft and feel wonderful against your skin. I brought some bamboo socks last year and even after many washes they are still the softest socks I own. Bamboo products are also great news for those of you with sensitive skin. It is anti static and combined with the softness of the fabric, it sits well next to your skin.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 11.51.01
Wearing the Janay Body as outwear. Yes, it is super soft!

If you want a product that keeps you warm, bamboo has hollow microfibers that can trap heat. But the material is also breathable and is ideal for both warm and cooler temperatures. Did you also know that bamboo has a 97.5% UV protection rate? So you can wear a bamboo item with the safety of knowing that very little UV rays will be getting through to your skin.

Bamboo fabric also absorbs moister from your body, keeping you dry. Bacteria also doesn’t live well in the fabric, so if you are prone to feeling a little smelly and sweaty, try wearing some bamboo underthings and feel fresh all day.


And the best part about bamboo fabric for all clothes? After you have outworn and loved your items and fulfilled its lifespan, you can put your items in a compost bin as it is 100% biodegradable!

So whilst you pick underthings to love yourself, you could also be loving the planet.

I am so excited to be working with Janay!

Shop Bare here





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How did I come to set up Claudia May Lingerie?

Most of you are well aware that I am setting up my own online lingerie store where I am selecting the best products from the brands I have chosen to work with.

But how did I get to this point in my life?

After deciding that University was not for me, I worked for a local store for just under six months until I realised I really disliked my job. I had a strong work ethic and I decided that my enthusiasm would be better served elsewhere.

I began working for my Dad’s company as a receptionist and soon decided I wanted to set up my own business. Dad then took me along to a Chris Cardell marketing talk. Afterwards we were walking back to the car and he said that I should set up a business in something I felt passionately about and asked me what that would be. The night before my Mum had been telling me off for buying too much underwear so I jokingly said “Oh, underwear”. Right away my Dad enthusiastically said “Okay then!”.

Whilst working as a receptionist, I did some on and off travelling around Europe. Most people say that they discover who they are when they travel, and I decided that I wanted to start setting up a lingerie business once I got home. Due to some unforeseen circumstances in my life, setting up a business straight after travelling, didn’t seem doable.

At the beginning of the year (2016), an opportunity came up to work for a lingerie retailer. I got the job and worked for a short time setting up their store. This motivated me greatly to get going on setting up a business of my own.

Through some contacts, I found out about the Moda Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham and was told I had to go. It was the place to be apparently. Without knowing what to expect, my Dad and I headed off on an adventure. By the end of the day I was so excited! I suddenly had access to all of these brands and felt like I had a great insight into how part of the industry worked.

Just before attending Moda, the retailer whose store I had helped set up offered me a new contract and I had accepted. I went back to work the week of Moda but after three shifts I handed in my notice before I had signed my contract. My heart wasn’t in their brand, it was in my own. I really want to bring the very best luxury lingerie to the UK market and unfortunately that is not to be found on the high street.

The following week I wrote my first blog post and started to build relationships with my Twitter friends. I then spent hours on end researching the lingerie market, choosing the best products based on comfort, quality and fit. I then contacted the retailers and introduced myself and my business idea.

I have spent a lot of this year breaking ties with negative people which I feel has really helped develop the positive outlook I now have on life. I also kept what I was doing very quiet. Very few people I know knew that I had a blog and that I was setting up a business. Once I announced my business on Facebook, the compliments and kindness from everyone was so overwhelming, I was not expecting such a huge response.

I never imagined at 19 I would have founded a business and at 20 be launching one. After years of feeling like I had nothing interesting to talk about, people always want to know how things are going and what the latest updates with my business are. Starting up this business has really helped me shape who I am and what I want to achieve from life. The future is totally unknown, but the experience I have had in the last 8 months is more than I could have imagined and I am incredibly excited to be moving forward and launching in just under a month.

Thank you if you have managed to get to the bottom of this blog post and to those who have supported me from early on in my journey.





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What’s a bride without her buddy?

Have you ever dreamed of your perfect wedding dress, or might even have the perfect wedding dress ready for your big day? And have you ever wondered how you would manage to go to the toilet, so you rethink your Cinderella ball gown? Well worry not, because the Bridal Buddy is here to help! This is possibly the most revolutionary wedding day aid I have seen.


So, let me explain. The bridal buddy is an underskirt for your wedding dress that you can then use to lift your dress up so you can go to the toilet conveniently. Genius right?!

They recommend to use the Buddy as a slip under your gown so you’re ready to go, when you’re ready to go. The material is fine and can be discrete under your dress. Alternatively, you can slip the underskirt on before each toilet use, and your bridesmaids can help you step into it.

Image from the Bridal Buddy Website

You have little slits where the arm holes are so you can slide yourself through and keep the underskirt secure. There is even further security by pulling the elastic cord so your Buddy doesn’t slip off your shoulders.

Your bridesmaids can help put your dress into the “bag” to make sure that you haven’t got any of your bridal gown spilling out. It can cause a lot of fun in the toilets if you’re an open person. I went into the bathroom independently to discover an entire audience fixed onto the bride turning herself into a giant bauble.

Image from the Bridal Buddy Website

To get out of the Buddy you simply loosen the elastic cord and slide your arms out of the holes. Your dress will fall back down into place, and if needed, your bridesmaids can assist you in putting the trail of your dress back into place.

See for yourself and I would recommend this to any bride with a dress that is difficult to use the toilet in. I honestly think the humour surrounding the Bridal Buddy made the day just that bit more enjoyable. This is a wedding must have!

The Bridal Buddy could also be used for ball gowns as well. The product comes in black, so despite it’s name it can be used for any occasion where needed.

You can buy one here.

Image from Bridal Buddy Website


Congratulations to anyone who might need one of these, I hope you have a wonderful day!





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My day at Moda- August 2016

Most people would talk about SS17 trends after visiting Moda, but I want to talk about what I use the trade show for so you aren’t reading hundreds of blog posts on what we will be seeing in 2017.

In January I ran around Moda collecting catalogues from almost every supplier. I mean, I actually came home with 30 catalogues which I immediately sorted into categories of the most memorable to the brands I didn’t feel that excited about.

This time around I used Moda as an opportunity to touch base with the reps who have helped kick start Claudia May Lingerie and who I’ve been working closely with to bring you all amazing products. It’s always really exciting to see the new potential stock, especially on models which is something you don’t get to see when a rep comes to your house.

I started my day by going to the catwalk show which I always enjoy.

After the catwalk show, I briefly caught up with my rep from Maison Lejaby.

I then got to briefly meet the delightful Kirsty from Curvature Boutique who I suggest you check out!

After that I had a booked appointment with Tallulah Love. I met them at the beginning of the year and I really love the brand  but at that time I wasn’t looking to buy any products. I then re-met with them and their products are so unique within style, shape and colours. Their signature duck egg blue colour and vintage feel, makes them recognisable and memorable. Those who work for the brand act like a family and that is the sort of business I would love to work along side. Although at this point I have placed orders for all of the initial stock for the launch, I would love to work with Tallulah Love in the future. They also had amazing cupcakes on their stand.

After lunch, I had a wonder around and found that Byebra have upped their game massively and now to nipple covers in a selection of skin shades! I have yet to actually try my byebra before I decide to stock their products.

I also wanted to meet with Fashion Forms because they had a particular product I really wanted to stock. Unfortunately this product has been discontinued.

I then met with my rep from Chantelle- ooh, another reveal… To go through the products I have ordered but in their fashion colours. Chantelle have some of the prettiest shades of blue coming out and I’m so excited to hopefully be stocking some of these products for SS17!Chantelle_Logo.svg

I then went back to Maison Lejaby to go through the entire of their SS17 range as well as discussing bras. I have not yet ordered any bras from Maison Lejaby, it’s not that I don’t love the products, I just wanted to focus on their beautiful slips, dressing gowns and bodies within the first order I places with them. It was really great to see the products on a model for fit references. 1512_maison_lejaby_logo


Overall it was a successful day! I love the vibe at Moda because it’s hundreds of lingerie enthusiasts coming together and most people tend to be really positive and I like that.


If anyone has any questions about Moda that I could help with, feel free to tweet me or comment below!





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Padded tights, do your feet survive the night?

A while ago I posted a blog called “Supermarket star bras” where I reviewed the product quality across the UK’s most popular supermarkets.

On my adventures I stumbled across the most amazing concept for a pair of tights, Asda’s padded sole tights. I grabbed a pair instantly and tried them out a few weeks later.

The purpose of my purchase was to be able to wear booted heels more often. I brought one pair and this is how the trial went:


Product description front:

With perfectly positioned cushioned pads for the balls of your feet to keep you comfortable in heels all day.

40 Denier.

Product description back:

If you want to feel comfortable in heels all day, then our heels all day tights are for you. With cushion pads at the balls of your feet, and clever shaping at the toe seam to keep them secure and perfectly in place.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 11.43.50.png

First impressions:

They felt really, really weird. There is a bit of stitching between you big toe and your “index toe”. This felt very unusual and I didn’t really like it. The purpose of this stitching to to keep the padding in place. The padding also felt incredibly weird which it would as it elevates the front of your foot when you haven’t put your shoes on.

Half an hour later:

The in between toe stitching feels less unusual now. I put my heeled boots on and felt instant comfort. I’m already loving these tights. They made some heels that I found uncomfortable but aesthetically pleasing, 10 times more comfortable.

During the night:

I didn’t realise I was wearing heels for most of the night. There was a relatively long walk from where I started the night to the restaurant I went to. I definitely found my heels more bearable than I had when I wore them with normal tights.


This wasn’t going to be part of the review but it is now, because it happened. I had to run for a train in heels and the stitching in between the toes fulfilled their purpose of keeping the padding in place. It’s never a good idea to run in heels, but if you’re going to, wear padded sole tights because it makes it far more comfortable. And for anyone wondering, I did make the train.

close up
You can see the dip in the cushion, this is where the stitching is and it goes down for about 1.5 cm

Overall view:

I would purchase these again. Probably in a size large as they were a little short on the leg in a medium. I’m 5ft8 and most of my height comes from my legs, so if you are a leggy person, go for a large in Asda tights.

I managed to wear these heels from 12:30pm until 11pm. I had never been able to withstand heels of that height (4inches) for that length of time. I would recommend this product, especially if you wear heels on a regular basis. They would add so much more comfort to your day, as well as preventing the balls of your feet from grinding too much on the hard surface of your favourite heels- which is better for your foot health. For £4 it’s a no brainier.

Happy heel wearing!





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