Padded tights, do your feet survive the night?

A while ago I posted a blog called “Supermarket star bras” where I reviewed the product quality across the UK’s most popular supermarkets.

On my adventures I stumbled across the most amazing concept for a pair of tights, Asda’s padded sole tights. I grabbed a pair instantly and tried them out a few weeks later.

The purpose of my purchase was to be able to wear booted heels more often. I brought one pair and this is how the trial went:


Product description front:

With perfectly positioned cushioned pads for the balls of your feet to keep you comfortable in heels all day.

40 Denier.

Product description back:

If you want to feel comfortable in heels all day, then our heels all day tights are for you. With cushion pads at the balls of your feet, and clever shaping at the toe seam to keep them secure and perfectly in place.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 11.43.50.png

First impressions:

They felt really, really weird. There is a bit of stitching between you big toe and your “index toe”. This felt very unusual and I didn’t really like it. The purpose of this stitching to to keep the padding in place. The padding also felt incredibly weird which it would as it elevates the front of your foot when you haven’t put your shoes on.

Half an hour later:

The in between toe stitching feels less unusual now. I put my heeled boots on and felt instant comfort. I’m already loving these tights. They made some heels that I found uncomfortable but aesthetically pleasing, 10 times more comfortable.

During the night:

I didn’t realise I was wearing heels for most of the night. There was a relatively long walk from where I started the night to the restaurant I went to. I definitely found my heels more bearable than I had when I wore them with normal tights.


This wasn’t going to be part of the review but it is now, because it happened. I had to run for a train in heels and the stitching in between the toes fulfilled their purpose of keeping the padding in place. It’s never a good idea to run in heels, but if you’re going to, wear padded sole tights because it makes it far more comfortable. And for anyone wondering, I did make the train.

close up
You can see the dip in the cushion, this is where the stitching is and it goes down for about 1.5 cm

Overall view:

I would purchase these again. Probably in a size large as they were a little short on the leg in a medium. I’m 5ft8 and most of my height comes from my legs, so if you are a leggy person, go for a large in Asda tights.

I managed to wear these heels from 12:30pm until 11pm. I had never been able to withstand heels of that height (4inches) for that length of time. I would recommend this product, especially if you wear heels on a regular basis. They would add so much more comfort to your day, as well as preventing the balls of your feet from grinding too much on the hard surface of your favourite heels- which is better for your foot health. For £4 it’s a no brainier.

Happy heel wearing!





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