What’s a bride without her buddy?

Have you ever dreamed of your perfect wedding dress, or might even have the perfect wedding dress ready for your big day? And have you ever wondered how you would manage to go to the toilet, so you rethink your Cinderella ball gown? Well worry not, because the Bridal Buddy is here to help! This is possibly the most revolutionary wedding day aid I have seen.


So, let me explain. The bridal buddy is an underskirt for your wedding dress that you can then use to lift your dress up so you can go to the toilet conveniently. Genius right?!

They recommend to use the Buddy as a slip under your gown so you’re ready to go, when you’re ready to go. The material is fine and can be discrete under your dress. Alternatively, you can slip the underskirt on before each toilet use, and your bridesmaids can help you step into it.

Image from the Bridal Buddy Website

You have little slits where the arm holes are so you can slide yourself through and keep the underskirt secure. There is even further security by pulling the elastic cord so your Buddy doesn’t slip off your shoulders.

Your bridesmaids can help put your dress into the “bag” to make sure that you haven’t got any of your bridal gown spilling out. It can cause a lot of fun in the toilets if you’re an open person. I went into the bathroom independently to discover an entire audience fixed onto the bride turning herself into a giant bauble.

Image from the Bridal Buddy Website

To get out of the Buddy you simply loosen the elastic cord and slide your arms out of the holes. Your dress will fall back down into place, and if needed, your bridesmaids can assist you in putting the trail of your dress back into place.

See for yourself and I would recommend this to any bride with a dress that is difficult to use the toilet in. I honestly think the humour surrounding the Bridal Buddy made the day just that bit more enjoyable. This is a wedding must have!

The Bridal Buddy could also be used for ball gowns as well. The product comes in black, so despite it’s name it can be used for any occasion where needed.

You can buy one here.

Image from Bridal Buddy Website


Congratulations to anyone who might need one of these, I hope you have a wonderful day!





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