The Beauty of Bamboo

I have been inspired to write about the beauty of bamboo fabric as Claudia May Lingerie will be stocking part of the new Bare range by Janay.

Excited to be able to offer these alternative fabric underthings on my website, I had to do my research behind why bamboo is classed as an eco fabric and what the pros are for owning underthings in this material. I ended up switching out a different suppliers cotton soft bras in order to stock these products. After some research I knew that they would be far better for the environment and I also could be sure that the product production would be ethical which is also important to me.


There are many ecological benefits of bamboo. Bamboo is the longest member of the grass family and can grow up to 35 meters tall. They are also the fastest growing wood plants in the world. Bamboo has over 1600 species which are grown over various climates making it a sustainable resource and giving it an ecological advantage over other natural fibres such as cotton which has a much more time consuming and spacious growing need.

Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool. Bamboo fabrics are incredibly soft and feel wonderful against your skin. I brought some bamboo socks last year and even after many washes they are still the softest socks I own. Bamboo products are also great news for those of you with sensitive skin. It is anti static and combined with the softness of the fabric, it sits well next to your skin.

Screenshot 2016-08-31 11.51.01
Wearing the Janay Body as outwear. Yes, it is super soft!

If you want a product that keeps you warm, bamboo has hollow microfibers that can trap heat. But the material is also breathable and is ideal for both warm and cooler temperatures. Did you also know that bamboo has a 97.5% UV protection rate? So you can wear a bamboo item with the safety of knowing that very little UV rays will be getting through to your skin.

Bamboo fabric also absorbs moister from your body, keeping you dry. Bacteria also doesn’t live well in the fabric, so if you are prone to feeling a little smelly and sweaty, try wearing some bamboo underthings and feel fresh all day.


And the best part about bamboo fabric for all clothes? After you have outworn and loved your items and fulfilled its lifespan, you can put your items in a compost bin as it is 100% biodegradable!

So whilst you pick underthings to love yourself, you could also be loving the planet.

I am so excited to be working with Janay!

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