DIY emergency bra solutions

This is for those of you who like to buy new outfits for the future and when you finally want to wear them, you don’t have the right bra. This is also for those of you who are on a budget who can’t afford to buy these solutions.

I wrote a blog post a while ago about bra solutions and official products, so check that out here.

No nipple pasties? No problem! 

Before I started buying nipple covers I was a user of plasters. I still actually use them a lot because they can sometimes be more discreet under what I am wearing. Make sure you have the fabric part over your actual nipple. If your plasters are higher end brands or just super sticky then stick it to your hand and pull  it off then stick it over your nipple. This will prevent a painful peel off at the end of the night.

Not got a backless bra? Mask that error.

Masking tape is something I tried for the first time last Halloween when my plunging neckline wasn’t having any conventional bra solutions. The only thing available was masking tape and plasters. So I plastered my nipples and then used the masking tape to shape my breasts how I wanted them to look. Kim Kardashian has an iconic tape look that she uses for the red carpet. It doesn’t seem to be the most easy thing to replicate from the “We tried this technique so you don’t have to” videos I have seen. Mircopore tape can be found in your first aid kit and this works just as well and is better on sensitive skin and is more comfortable.

For a cleavage effect, start by putting plasters on your nipples. Put a long piece of masking tape under both of your breasts. This will pull them together. Build on top of this piece until you have your desired look. Do a jump and a little shake to make sure everything stays in place. If it doesn’t then add more tape.


For an uplift effect, start by putting plasters on your nipples. Cut a strip of tape and stick a quarter of the strip to the centre of your breast. Pull your breast up to the desired lift, stabilise your breast with your hand and and stick the remaining tape to your body. Repeat this as many times as you need to feel sturdy. Again, have a little jump and shake to make sure everything stays in place. If is doesn’t then add more tape.

You can combine the looks if you need to. There is no right or wrong way of using the tape, apply in a way that best suits you.

Racer back solutions.

This is the most common DIY trick that most people know but I do find myself helping some people out before going out because their peeping bra straps do not enhance their look.

Grab a paperclip or a safety pin and attach it to your bra. A friend or someone you feel comfortable with can help with this. Alternatively you can put the solution on the back of your bra first and then slide your arms and head through then do the bra up normally. Use more clips for more support.


Tip: You will need to adjust your straps to make them slightly longer for this to be comfortable.

Comment or tweet me your best DIY bra solution hacks, I always love to know what other people do/ use!





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