The significance of Crépuscle Satiné Nightie Versailles

When I was a child I remember my Mum buying me a light pink butterfly print polyester nightie with a bright pink trim. I thought it was the most amazing nightie in the world and I wore it with such pride. My nightwear collection as a child consisted of nighties and I soon grew out of them and on to mismatched pyjamas usually consisting of a pair of soft shorts and a vest top.

Things changed at the beginning of the year when I attended Moda and on the way out I walked past the Aubade stand. After a brief discussion with the representative I started to feel up their products. I remember picking up the Crépuscle Satiné Nightie in Versailles and I did not want to put it down. I handed it to the person I attended Moda with and exclaimed “Feel the quality of this!” For months after that moment, the nightie was embedded in my mind and I dreamt of the day mine would arrive.

Aubade was the first brand I connected with and pitched my business idea to and the first brand to take me on board to stock their products. The first thing on my list to stock was the Crépuscle Satiné range.

I feel like a million dollars in this nightie and I don’t think I have even owned a piece of nightwear or lingerie as beautiful as this. The way the silk feels on my skin and how light and dreamy it is makes me want to wear it out of the house and show the world.

If you didn’t know already this image is of me. I wanted to feature an image of myself wearing the most sentimental product on the site and have an image to mark the beginning of the Claudia May Lingerie journey that was personal to me.

The Crépuscle Satiné Nightie is a piece I will have and cherish for life.

Cherish yours for life too.

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