Lingerie as Outerwear AW16

Party season is fast approaching and at Claudia May Lingerie we adore lingerie as outerwear. If you are not keen on the idea of lingerie as outerwear on an everyday basis, an event this season is your opportunity to come out of your comfort zone.

Before we get on to what to pair what with, we want to discuss how to break out of your comfort zone to then feel even more fabulous.

Step one
Question how much of your body you want to show. We have a principle that we choose either our legs or our cleavage. That is just our preference as we like to feel modest in some areas. If you are totally comfortable with bearing more, feel free and embrace your confidence.

Step two
Choose a piece of lingerie that works with your body requirements. If you do not want your nipples on show, find something you can wear a bra under or nipple pasties to keep your nipples at bay.

Step three
Try on your entire outfit a few days before you debut lingerie as outerwear. You want to make sure you do not have a last minute panic before going to an event so allow yourself to see the complete outfit so you can interchange parts of the outfit or start afresh. Remember this is about your comfort and even if you decide to scrap lingerie as outerwear, you can hide a beautiful matching set under normal outfits to boost your confidence.

Our picks for lingerie as outerwear.

We adore pairing a body with a pair of jeans and heels. It is a simple and sophisticated look that many can pull off. Bodies are fitted to your skin but somehow manage to flatter in all of the right places.


This Corolle Body by Maison Lejaby is simple yet sophisticated. It can be worn with a strapless bra underneath for added support but allows you to feel modest as well as sexy. We would recommend wearing a nude strapless bra underneath so you do not deter from the beautiful detailing on the bust. We would pair this with a dark shaded tulle skirt for added sophistication but also for a seasonal look for your autumn and winter parties.

The Bare collection. Janay Body offers a gorgeous low V back. Claudia loves to pair this body with high waisted jeans because of the white band being just where her jeans come up to. She feels as though it works well and brings her waist in.
The bare collection is ultra soft as well as Eco friendly so you can wear this and feel like you are doing the world some good. We would recommend wearing nipple pasties or plasters over your nipples as you can not wear a normal bra under this body because of the back. This product is also available in a stunning coral colour.
We would wear this look for a night out with friends.


If a body isn’t to your taste you could try a camisole top. Despite being nightwear, camisoles, such as the Soie Belle by Maison Lejaby, are far too pretty to never been shown outside of the house. You can wear this as a top out as well as going to bed. We also look for any excuse to wear out most comfortable lounge wear out and about. Pair with any trousers and a simple jacket. This is a perfect look for a more formal, business event.


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