How to increase the support of your unworn bras.

Every few months you should go through your bra drawer and try on bras that you almost never wear. Check if they are still bras you need and if not, don’t throw them away, this is what you need to do with them and how to give them the most support.

When I think about how my underthing make me feel, they make me confident, I feel beautiful and that I can conquer the world. It is my privilege that lingerie makes me feel like that when there are women in the world who need underwear in order to avoid some of the worst abuse a woman can go through.

Women in poverty who do not have access to clean underwear obviously have the hygiene factor to be concerned about. The huge issue is that a lack of underwear is a problem for many women in countries including Kenya, Zimbabwe and Senegal. Females who do not wear underwear become vulnerable and a target to rapists and sex traffickers. If a woman is wearing underwear, she is seen to have a male in her life who takes care of her, a husband or a father for example. She is basically seen to have a bread winner who can provide this essential piece of clothing making her less likely to become a victim of rape or trafficking.

This problem is very real. In 2012 South Africa’s statistics showed 127.6 for every 100,000 people in the country will encounter rape or some form of sexual assault. This crime is also rarely punished.

So, how can you get more support out of your unworn bras?

There are a few charities that you can send bras to which will transport them to these countries but I want to focus on Smalls For All. Smalls for all was founded in 2009 and since its launch, they have collected 226,858 items of underwear, distributed 152,153 and recycled 34,400 bras at last count this year.

Smalls for All accept never worn or hardly worn bras so if you would like to donate please see how to here, they accept any size. They also collect new packets of children’s underwear ages 3-15, and women’s underwear sizes 8-16. Remember that knickers must be new so when you are doing your next supermarket shop, please consider picking up a packet.

Image taken from the Smalls for All website.


I would suggest teaming up with some friends who have hardly worn bras and post them off together to save on postage and it is better for the environment.

Please do what you can and donate what you can.


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  1. I understood that it was old but ok bras although no longer pristine white which you could use .so sadly no good for you charity.


  2. I was considering being a donation point – I live in Eltham and my grandchildren Erith – but I would but he able to afford the postage or carrier price – do you have transport that picks up in the London/ Kent border area?


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