Caught Short- “Panties to go”

Before I begin, Caught Short sent me some samples free of charge. They have not paid for this blog post and opinions are my own.

Caught Short are bringing you pants for emergencies, i.e. that time of the month when you forget to expect the expected. They very generously sent me three pairs; white, black and nude.


A “brief” about the product:
Each knicker is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane making them breathable material.
They are made in Turkey and they are a Sedex Global registered supplier: committed to empowering sustainable and ethical supply chains.
They come in white, black and nude and range from sizes S,M,L,XL.

Each brief comes in its very own clear plastic pouch. This is so you can store the clean knickers in your bag and know that they will stay sanitary and it also means that you can put your dirty knickers in the pouch ready to be washed when you get home. Make sure you wash out the pouch when you take the dirty knickers out to be washed. Stay as hygienic as possible. Also remove the card from the pouch and dispose of it. Care instructions are embedded into the back of each knicker.


I am a UK size 10 and I was sent a small which caters sizes 8-10. My initial reaction was that I didn’t think they would fit. Fortunately they do fit me and they sit well on my body. I would recommend that if you are a size 10-12 to go for a medium.

I don’t often wear briefs so originally it felt a little strange but rather quickly they became incredibly comfortable. The material is soft and they sit nicely on the skin. There was no digging and I could move around easily in them.

Hand bag friendly?
Obviously the point of this product is that you can easily transport it. I have a good sized handbag. It isn’t too small and isn’t too large and this product fits in the zip pocket inside the back of my bag and can also easily sit in the main part of my bag. The only thing I would recommend doing is cutting the top part of the packet off- do not cut past the sealed part so you can re-close the pouch from the popper at the back.

Of course I waited to do my wash so I could try and test washing the product which is recommended on a 40 degree wash on dedicates with similar colours. After washing I let them dry on my radiator over night and they have not shrunk and still sit comfortably on the skin. They state to not tumble dry this product so please always take a companies advice on any lingerie care.

These are back up knickers, so make sure you carry a sanitary product with you to use with the knickers. A small to medium sized sanitary product will fit in the pouch with the kickers.

Please note that this product does give a VPL on tight clothes such as leggings. It is less noticeable with skinny jeans though.
Otherwise I think this is a really great concept. I know a lot of people get “caught short” and this product is easy to transport, wear and wash.
I would really recommend this as a “Coming of age” gift. When I started secondary school my Mum gave me a little bag which I could hide a sanitary product and spare pair of knickers in to easily take to the toilet if I needed and it’s something thoughtful that I have and will always remember. It also means your teenager will be prepared if they start their period at school and when they are younger they are more likely to be caught out due to irregular cycles. In saying that, this is also a product I would recommend to women with irregular cycles.
It is important to stay feeling fresh as well as hygienic and “Caught short” allows you to do both.

How beautiful are the visuals for this product?!

Thank you so much Caught Short for sending me these products, I have thoroughly enjoyed trying, testing and reviewing them.

View their products here.


Shop here








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