Van de Velde Client Visit 2016


Over the weekend I set off to Belgium for the Van de Velde client visit. For those of you who don’t know, Van de Velde is the parent company for PrimaDonna and the PrimaDonna sub brands, Marie Jo and Marie Jo sub brands and Andres Sarda.

There are so many things to write about the client visit so this post will be about the production process.

Obviously I admired PrimaDonna as a brand otherwise I would not be stocking their products, but now I have to tell you exactly why they are such an impressive brand!

We stock four different bras which vary in sizes across designs from 32-40 band sizes to E-J cup sizes.

So what makes a PrimaDonna bra so special? 

PrimaDonna do not compromise fit with their bras. If the design isn’t going to be supportive, the bra does not make it to the shelves.

The cycle from first conception of a new bra to having it on the shelves takes 18 months. This includes the design, ensuring all fabric suppliers have materials in the exact same colours for each part of the bra. They then take an international trip to show mock ups to suppliers who will give feedback on the products.

They then make a decision on the final collection and prepare for bulk production. Part of the preparation for bulk production is testing the fabric. They use air pressure testing to see how strong the material is and if it breaks before the required pressure it is reevaluated.

Machine used to test materials  using air pressure

All fabrics are asset in two hour slots where they check for holes and make sure the pattern on lace and fabrics is consistent.

Machine and man checking fabric for holes

The entire process for a PrimaDonna bra takes place in Belgium apart from the actual production/ construction of bras. There are two reasons for this, obviously labour in China is cheaper but this does not compromise the well-being of the workers over there. Van de Velde are certified for ethical production in China and their material suppliers are also certified. No children are used in the production of any products which is hugely important to the Claudia May Lingerie ethos. The other reason production is completed abroad is because there aren’t enough people in Belgium who can construct so many products for the quantity of bras Van de Velde need to make each year.

Tiny section of a very huge warehouse.

All products are then checked back in Belgium in quality control to ensure they meet the required standards before being boxed up and shipped to suppliers or stored in their incredible warehouse.

Quality control

Van de Velde sell 6 million bras to suppliers each year.
93% of wearers would recommend PrimaDonna bras to a friend.

Van de Velde continue to dominate the lingerie market, especially for larger cups, simply because they care about their products and will not settle for anything less than the best.

Find our PrimaDonna choices here.



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